Last Weekend in England

December 21, 2006

An odd weekend of extremes.

We left our now-deserted home and headed to our local Travel Lodge to overnight, allowing us part of the Saturday to tie up loose ends such as handing over keys to the Estate Agent. As economical as Travel Lodges are, they don’t really pass muster on Mandy’s nice hotels criteria, especially when situated right next to a main railway line! Though, to be fair perhaps this is the sort of standard she needs to become accustomed to?

Jobs complete, we headed off to our second hotel of the weekend. An old favourite in Surrey, which was conveniently placed for Monday’s EuroTunnel trip. It had two additional plus points; it was five star and was free, courtesy of some old loyalty points that needed using up before we left England.

Five star & free. Five star & free. Five star & free. Five star & free.


Now there’s a phrase to make Mandy smile!

The hotel, true to past experience (although we didn’t spend time with Brad Pitt this time), was wonderful. This was to be 48 hours peace to enable us to recover our breath after the packing week and to get us ready for the trip.


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  1. […] in a lovely hotel called Nutfield Priory and we blogged about it in one of our very early entries here.  The reference to Brad Pitt was serious; on a previous visit to the hotel we bumped into him […]

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