The nativity and the seven dwarves

December 25, 2006

Here in Cyprus Christmas is a huge event. Here in Cyprus it is not unusual to have gnomes – usually based on the seven dwarves – as a feature in the garden.

Can you see where this is going? Is there any possible way that the Cypriots could bring the two together?

Our village has a good range of decorations. Lots of Santas climbing through windows – a local favourite – and plenty of illuminated reindeer. A large part of our council tax appears to have gone on lighting up the town hall and making sure that all telephone poles have the regulation climbing Santas. Heigh ho, the tax was about £30 for the half year so we can probably live with that ;-)

The “centre” of the village, such as there is one (more of that another day) has a charming nativity scene. Builders have spent several weeks creating this. There is a stable for Mary, Jospeph, baby Jesus & the Wise Men. Adjoining that there is a second stable for the, live, donkey and sheep. The stables are covered in thick, fake, snow as is the surrounding ground.

And sitting next to the stables are Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. And Bambi – obviously.

Despite several attempts it proved impossible to get a decent photo with all of this in shot. Instead, make do with a festive “Santa climbing a palm tree”.

Merry Christmas from bright and sunny Cyprus.

Santa Climbing


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