The Two-Night Week

December 30, 2006

So, after a week of one-night stops we changed the pace for the second week of the trip. The plan was to spend two nights in three locations that we particularly fancied; Innsbruck, around Lake Garda, and in Venice.

Trip Advisor proved it’s worth for all three locations. For Innsbruck we’d chosen a central location but had read that, in that particular hotel, the noise levels at the front of the hotel could be a problem as the hotel fronts onto the main pedestrian area. When we checked in we asked if it was possible to have a room at the back of the hotel. The receptionist was surprised to be asked, but agreed and we had a wonderfully peaceful two nights in a, small, room with fantastic views over Innsbruck and the Alps.


We spent out two days exploring and wandering. We took time out to watch some of the World Cup football on a gigantic screen set up by the city. The river Inn was almost in flood, but we found that this is often the case. Japanese tourists seemed to have invaded the place, but we were still able to see over their heads to see the sites. We saw the Golden Roof (pictured below, with the entrance to our hotel), and later went hunting for the “best park in Europe” but wouldn’t recommend you bother.

More than anything we enjoyed pottering and exploring and having a break from the Drive-Find Hotel-Unpack-Have Dinner-Sleep-Pack-Drive routine.


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