Guest Editor

January 10, 2007

Apparently they are fashionable so we thought we’d join in. So, this entry is brought to you by Max, Mandy’s mum’s new puppy. Eight weeks old and cute as, well, an eight week-old puppy.

Today’s Guest Editor
Guest Editor

Don’t be taken in by the innocent expression, there is mischief hiding right behind.

Being so young he has an, understandably, short attention span. So, as you can see, it’s time for something else now.

Shift Change
Shift Change

The cameraman had to move fast to prevent any accidents. 3 feet is an awful long way to fall when you are only six inches tall.

Max is now recovering from his over-work by having a nap on Mandy’s feet.


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  1. […] sloping roof.  Ian once ventured out there in an attempt to resolve a hot water issue; little Max, the terrible terrier, went exploring on one of his early visits and fell into their […]

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