May 31, 2007

We had visitors from England last week. For one it was their first time on the island in about eight years, for the other it was their first ever trip. We managed to cram a fair amount into the week, including a good amount of beach time. For the time of year the weather was ok, but not great. In fact their last day was overcast and a storm was threatening. They flew back to England on Bank Holiday Monday, to some of the worst May weather in years.

Late Monday afternoon they emailed to say that they were home safe, had unpacked and had been to the supermarket for groceries. On Sunday, their last day, here we had a picnic on the beach. On Monday they were at home having soup for lunch and wearing sweaters to keep warm!

Sorry guys, the weather has improved since you left – 33 degrees C today but looking a little cooler for the rest of the week. Thanks again for coming over.


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