June 1, 2007

I mentioned a while ago that we had, unexpectedly, become involved in a project that was taking up a fair amount of time. We decided for a number of reasons that it wasn’t right to continue for another year in the same roles so we formally stood down a while back. Having now handed over to our successors we are free again!

This has some real upsides; we will actually be in a position to take part in some of the project events rather than just managing them in the background, we’ll be in a position to start looking for somewhere else to live, and we won’t have to work with Dolores. The importance of that last one has become increasingly apparent of late.

Dolores has a reputation for being keen to become involved in groups/organisations/events. Sadly, many of them seem to have taken a turn for the worse with in-fighting, back-stabbing and general unhappiness.

The handover was a little fraught. Ian is still smarting from being accused of plagerising some documents he produced “Yes, I recognised that text you used, a friend of mine wrote it.” said she.

Mandy bit (through?) her tongue when she was told “Well, you may have done things this way but it isn’t right and will be changing from now”.

By the time she came to software theft “Yes well, we’ll borrow this licenced software from another group to replace the thing you created” there were only raised eyebrows. We had Dolores-overload.

Some time ago we picked up a publication that she edited, just as she was stepping down as Editor. The back page is devoted to thanking people who helped during her tenure but begins with the following paragraph;

I was really going to use this page to have my say and retaliate to the two members who have great delight in making my life hell for the last two year but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve included in this issue an article on “some things I’ve learned” and refer you to [it]. I’ve learned … that when you plan to get even with someone, you are only letting that person continue to hurt you. So I’ll just do what my lovely Grampa taught me – ignore people like that – they can’t help it.

On reflection, I think that we can live without being on the same committee as Dolores ;-)



  1. Glad to see yea made it back! Were curious about the journey onward. Just returned from another glorious week at Lago di Garda. Temporarily misplaced your card so will reach you this way. All the best and congrats on freeing yourselves from the London property! Teresa & Ron

  2. Glad to see that you tracked us down! Have emailed you off-blog so you have contact details and the like.

    The big question is – should we name the hotel in Barbados or will that mean that it becomes so popular that none of us can ever get a booking again?

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