Digging the Roads

September 11, 2007

Here in Cyprus we seem to face pretty much the same problem we did in the UK with a stream of utilities, and others, digging up any given stretch of road in a random fashion. Eventually the surface becomes such a mess of laid and relaid surface that the whole road has to be closed for a complete resurface … and then the merry-go-round starts again.

Needless to say, in Cyprus there is an added nuance – laying a new road around any existing impediments …

A very large senior school is being constructed just up the road from us. Aside from it seeming to include the removal of a zillion cubic metres of hillside and a semi-permanet dust storm it, of course, needs a brand new access road. The pre-existing road, from which the new access road to the school is now built, leads to a major Police Station and a cluster of houses. It is common practice, a bit like the US, for electricity to be supplied via overhead cables on a network of telegraph poles and mini-transformers.

So what do you do if the new road plan says “build it here“, and the local electricity system is in the way?

Well … it’s obvious isn’t it? You build the road around it …



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