A Room with a View

September 21, 2007

Earlier this week we were walking up in the hills not far outside Larnaca.

The reason for the hillside trek is a post for another day but while we were there we stumbled across the ideal property for us …

… quiet location … no neighbours … good views … potential for improvement … room to expand …

What more could we possible want from our next house?


Ok, a door and a roof would be good and more than one room might be an advantage but still, just look at the views!

Looking south towards Larnaca & the coast.
The light area in the distance on the right is the dried Salt Lake


Looking west into the hills

While we were looking a pair of eagles soared above, presumably checking up on what we were doing in their neck of the woods. A friend saw them a week or two ago and thinks they are Imperial eagles, sadly they didn’t come close enough for us to confirm that.

Maybe next time :-)


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