October 4, 2007

Despite being here for over a year now we still have some de-cluttering to do. While we were still working it was one of those things that just didn’t get done regularly so we accepted that we would end up with things here that we didn’t really need.

We’re now tackling that a little – a shelf, a drawer, a box – at a time.

This morning we unearthed a stash of water bombs. Cypriot ones. Logically we must have bought them while we were here on holiday, taken them back to London with the rest of our luggage, and then shipped them back to Cyprus with the rest of our worldly possessions.

Oh, and there are nine packets of them.


If we were to figure out the number of miles these things had travelled, or worked out the cost of their Cyprus to London and London to Cyprus trips then we might be quite dismayed. Dismayed enough to turn to drink.

Luckily Keo Gin is still cheap and the lemons on next door’s tree are almost ready. Maybe it’s not such a problem after all ;-)


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