Pragmatic Cyprus

October 8, 2007

There is, often, a pragmatic side to people here and it pops up in the oddest places.

A while back someone sent us a cheque. It was from the Laiki Bank, the second largest bank on the island.

As in the UK the account number, name and the like were printed on the cheque along with the branch name … which is where the pragmatic nature shines through.

The branch in question is in Larnaca, on the ring road that loops around much of town. It’s actually at one of the main junctions – with traffic lights – which is known locally as the Fire Station junction because that’s where the town’s big fire station is located. It’s often used as a landmark when giving directions.

Ok, you know the fire station on the ring road? Well, if you are driving into town from the motorway then turn left at the fire station lights and it’s the first block on your left sort of thing.

So guess what the branch is called. Go on, have a go!

Yep, that branch of Laiki bank is named, by Laiki Bank themselves, as the Fire Station Traffic Lights branch.



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