Wildlife and water

December 5, 2007

Well, the prayers for rain may have worked. After some light showers we now have torrential rain. This morning’s BFBS weather forecast predicted an inch or more of rain, gale force winds and heavy snowfalls over Troodos. Right now, as strong winds batter the house, the forecast is looking spot on.

So perhaps the water shortage is over? If so why do we have no running water today? Well, the most likely answer is that it’s part of regular (but random) maintenance where our supply gets turned off with no notice. Less likely is that it is part of a planned restriction, aka no water for four days a week to conserve supplies. Outside chance is that we’ve been disconnected because Mands hasn’t paid the bill, again.

Only time will tell ;-)

In other news we’ve been quartering the hillside north of Larnaca today. We were up in Kosi (pronounced Goshi with a soft G) trying to find a 5 mile trail for some runners and walkers. On the way back down the hillside we were buzzed by a huge bird of prey. Back in February we saw a juvenile Golden Eagle in the same area … today we think we may have seen the same bird as an almost-grownup.

Seeing a bird of that power and beauty at that range is absolutely fantastic. This website has a lovely photo of a juvenile in flight. The one today flew right over the front of the car at a height of about 10 feet.

It was an unexpected, but absolutely fantastic, treat.



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