The Salt Lake I

January 1, 2008

The Salt Lake is a major landmark in Larnaca and is also a great reminder of just how much the environment and landscape here changes through the year.

Apparently the lakes are fed by seawater – which is why they are salty – but when the weather is too hot the water evaporates and the lakes dry up, allowing the salt to be harvested. Today the salt is no longer harvested and, instead, the lakes are a haven for local and visiting birdlife. Most well known are the flamingos, who arrive with the first rainfall and leave as the last of the water disappears, but other birds make it their home too.

Below are a couple of photos from late December. Both were taken from the high ground on the south side of the lakes. The first is looking eastwards across the lake and towards Larnaca proper, the second shows Tekke Mosque on the right and Stavrovouni in the far distance.

This linked page has photos taken from similar spots during previous months, we will try and update it as the year goes on.

Clicking on the photos should give a slightly larger and wider view

26 December 2007

26 December 2007


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