The Salt Lake II

January 28, 2008

More photos of the Salt Lake, this time on a grey and windy January day.  

As in England, the weather is a regular topic of conversation here.  The last week has been warmer with a few bright sunny days.  On days like that it’s possible to sit outside, protected from the wind, in just a t-shirt.  Once the sun drops though, the temperature falls quickly.

Earlier today the Cyprus meteorological service were predicting snow on Tuesday but we think they were just having a mad moment.  They’ve now updated the forecast to showers and thunderstorms.  Less interesting, but much more likely.

Meanwhile, the Salt Lake photos.  Both were again taken from the high ground on the south side.  The first looks east towards Larnaca, the second towards Tekke Mosque and Stavrovouni in the far distance.  Still only a couple of hundred flamingos in residence.

This linked page has photos taken from similar positions in previous months.

26 January 2008 



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