Ripping vinyl

April 7, 2008

Before we moved out here we spent time decluttering and thinning our possessions. There’s nothing quite like the thought of paying hundreds of pounds to ship things a few thousand miles to focus the mind!

One of the things we decided to ship was our combined vinyl collection. Most of our music collection is on CD and we’re slowly but steadily moving to digitising things and storing the entire collection on one of the macs. However, the vinyl presented a problem … long ago we threw away our last remaining record deck when we got a new stereo system. Rather than make any difficult decisions about the old vinyl collection we simply gathered it together, put it in a box and ignored it. And when it came to packing time we pointed the packers at the box, told them it was fragile and left them to it.

Now, almost two years later, we have a solution. Someone has lent us a record player and it is hooked up to one of the macs. A tweak or two with a handy piece of recording software and we finally have a way of hearing music that’s been stashed away for at least five years.

The house (and possibly the garden and maybe even the street) has been rocking to a wider range of music to usual.

What must the locals of Aradippou make of us? And is the village really ready for early Rolling Stones (so early it’s in mono!) a hefty helping of the Levellers and a smattering of Howard Jones?

They haven’t asked us to leave yet …


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