Daybreak over Larnaca bay

July 26, 2008


One of the upsides of getting up at an ungodly hour to pick up visitors from the airport is the chance to watch the sun rise over the island.

Yesterday morning we were out of bed at 3am to meet the early flight of our last visitors of the summer. Having picked up people and bags we headed to the nearest Zorbas, the fantastic local 24 hour bakery, to collect breakfast. With bags of pastries, biscuits and fruit juice in hand we headed up into Avdellero while it was still dark.

The church of Agia Marina, high above the village, has superb views over to the coast and across Larnaca bay. It is near to here that we saw the bee-eaters and saw eagles and long-legged buzzards soar.

As the sun slowly rose and night faded away, the two photographers took a series of photos while the blogger perched on a ledge outside the church, admired the view and captured the moment.



Looking East

Looking East




Sunrise, seen through the church


Sunrise over the bay

Sunrise over the bay





Seating within the outer perimeter of the church

Seating within the outer perimeter of the church



  1. hi ..in one of the links in the post above, you had written that you had seen eagles while on a walk. Where exactly is this walk/trek in larnaca ? Which hills are u talking abt ?

  2. Hi there,

    We’ve seen what we think is a juvenile golden eagle in Gosi a couple of times now.

    From Larnaca take the Nicosia motorway. Come off at the first exit, towards Kosi. Turn left at the t-junction and then turn right up into the hills … or … turn right and under the bridge, immediate right and then left off the slip road.

    In the last couple of years we’ve seen one or more in both locations. There are plenty of tracks to walk and there’s rarely anyone to be seen – except for the army when they are on exercise!

  3. What beautiful photographs you have! Now I’m kind of envious of the life you’re living in Cyprus.

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