Merry Christmas

December 25, 2009

Christmas Lights

Whilst it may not be entirely apparent from this night photo the lights are strung onto the main electricity poles in the village.  As such, the installer had his hands on the live wires … whilst the main village supply was still connected.  Such things are not so much of a surprise after three years here :-)

A Merry Christmas to all, from sunny Cyprus.



  1. Ahh!! I’m reminded of a former mutual boss who upon his arrival at the Porta-Cabin in Tonbridge in 1994 undertook his own “hot wire” act…with the result being a melted, smoking hulk of what had previously been a perfectly adequate 110v. computer monitor!

    • LOL, that’d be George then? Lovely to hear from you. Seasons greetings from sunny (actually it’s fairly cold for here) Cyprus! Mands

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