Easter is coming

February 7, 2010

Actually, we haven’t started Lent yet but that was the thought that crossed our minds on seeing this scene below.

Kid in tow

We were on a wander through the village when one of our fellow villagers appeared with kid in tow.  Not actually in tow, it was untethered and happily trotting along behind him.  It seems the kid was shy; it was unwilling to be petted until the owner grabbed it by the scruff of the next and thrust it towards us.

Smile for the camera

Despite huge amounts of curiosity and subtle questioning of one of the English-speaking shop owners we couldn’t get an answer to the question: Is this a pet, or is this due to be lunch on Easter Sunday?



  1. Not that I’ve got a reputation for eating, but that wouldn’t even do me for a starter!! ;-) I do hope he’s going to fatten / inflate it pronto!
    Cute little kid. Come here. Come on now. It’s ok…CHOP.

  2. Matt, it’s not even a mouthful yet! There’s a good six weeks to Easter, give it chance ;-)

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