Cyprus petrol strike over

February 25, 2010

As of 2pm, Cyprus time, the strike is over.

The Cyprus Weekly said:

After an appeal from Deputies at an extraordinary House Commerce Committee meeting this morning, petrol station owners, petrol companies and the Commerce Minister got together to thrash out a solution.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the President of the Cyprus Petrol Station Owners Association, Stephanos Stephanou, said that that the owners had realised the inconvenience to the public and decided to end their strike action.

Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides thanked the petrol station owners and the petrol companies praising a responsible attitude on the part of petrol station owners.

The House Plenum later on Thursday was expected to discuss as a matter of importance a proposal by Edek, allowing the Minister to issue a degree capping the wholesale price of petrol.

People near petrol stations are reporting that they are now open for business and are seeing brisk trade.

So, is this over for good or is there more to come?  If a deal has been done between the petrol stations and the government then both sides are keeping quiet for now.


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