Lunch by the sea

April 5, 2010

For about the last month we’ve been making a regular round-trip to Paphos.  There practices a specialist who may be able to make the scary surgery unnecessary.  It’s early days but we’re quietly optimistic.

One of the downside is the weekly 4 or 5 hour round trip, made in the main on dull motorway.  To try and alleviate some boredom of the drive we’ve taken to trying to find spots to stop and have a picnic lunch on the way back, side effects of the treatment permitting.

Last week we pulled off the motorway near to Aphrodite’s Rock, known locally as Petra tou Romiou.  Our stopping spot was interesting in that it was absolutely deserted yet was incrediably close to both the motorway and assorted tourist locations.  Just ½ a mile from the Paphos-Limassol motorway, ½ a mile from Aphrodite’s Rock and about the same distance to the entrance of the Aphrodite Hills resort.

Considering how busy it should have been we didn’t see another soul during the 45 minute stop.  Instead we sat and enjoyed the sight and sound of the sea whilst watching the gulls circling.  The sun was warm for the end of March but the breeze was brisk.

To our left, looking East, the Rock in the distance.  To our right, Paphos.

Looking East

Looking West

We would have been hard pushed to find a better place to stop.  It is days and times like this that remind us just how wonderful Cyprus can be in the Spring.  A truly fantastic picnic spot.

Handbrake firmly on!

As an added benefit as we snuck back onto the motorway to finish the drive back we passed by a gorgeous bridge on the old road.

Bridge on the old road


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