Lefkara Lace – Lefkaritika

June 4, 2010

There is a lovely piece about the Lefkara Lace industry here on The Moodie blog

The tradition of making Lefkara lace goes back centuries; Da Vinci supposedly took a piece back to Italy and had it made into an alter cloth for Milan Cathedral.

Some months ago we were able to sit with one of the ladies featured, Evthokia, at a village meal.  Despite our lack of much common language we chatted away during the evening using an assortment of sign-language and the occasional translation from helpful neighbours.

Last year UNESCO recognised the importance of the lace making in Lefkara.  Lace aside both villages, upper Pano and lower Kato, are well worth a wander through for anyone in the area.  As well as the beautiful stonework and winding narrow streets the numerous churches are also superb.



  1. It is said Aphrodite gave the Pomegranate to Cyprus and the Venations brought to Kato Lefkara were Lace is still produced by hand today, Michael Angelo came to purchase lace from Lefkara that has been made for with the same skill and handed down from generation to generation in the same village for centuries – Visit our unique village of Kato Lefkara between Larnaca and Limassol

  2. […] year we mentioned that the very distinctive Lefkara lace had been in the news.  The lace is very special, so much so […]

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