Greece – Cyprus ferry to resume

June 15, 2010

It is being reported in the local news that there are plans to re-introduce a ferry between mainland Greece and Cyprus.

There used to be a regular service but it ceased running in 2001.  For some years there was a summer service between Rhodes and Cyprus which allowed people to make a two-stage trip from mainland Greece.  When we drove here we were able to make the final journey, from Piraeus to Limassol, on board a local cruise ship.  She, the Princesa Marissa, was herself a converted ferry so the cruise line ran a lucrative side-line allowing a small number of cars and trucks to be carried on the one remaining vehicle deck.

That route ceased to be an option in ’07 when the Princesa Marissa was retired and sent to India to be broken up for scrap.

Departing Piraeus

On board the Princesa Marissa

That there is no ferry service between Cyprus and anywhere (excluding the TRNC service to mainland Turkey) often comes as a surprise to people planning to come to the island.

Until the announcement of the new service the only realistic way of arriving in the Republic of Cyprus by sea with a vehicle was to come via a Grimaldi freighter.  They run a regular service between the UK and a number of Mediterranean ports and allow embarkation at a small number of those locations.  Currently anyone wanting to make use of that service needs to drive to Salerno, in south-west Italy, and board the freighter there disembarking in Limassol seven days later.  Grimaldi’s current Med schedule is available here for those wishing to know more.

At this stage there is no information available as to when the new ferry service will start running.  Its route however has been announced as being between Lavrio, on the southern tip on mainland Greece, and Limassol.

From the Famagusta Gazette:

An ambitious project to restore a car-ferry to service between Cyprus and Greece is in the pipeline.

The ferry service linking Limassol port and Lavrio will use roll-on ferries, capable of carrying cars, lorries and busses according to reports.

The authorities are putting together the necessary paper work for parliamentary approval to allow Cyprus to become a ferry hub.

The aim of the sea link is to improve trade ties with Greece and offer tourists from both countries an alternative option.

Approaching Limassol by sea isn’t the most scenic route; however the resumption of a regular ferry service is much welcomed.

Approaching Limassol



  1. Hi. I am monitoring the situation daily, trying to glean further news about the proposed new ferry Limassol-Lavro. any news at all? thanks

    • No new information, sorry. There are lots of folks, both on the island and off, who are hoping for further details. Hopefully we’ll all see something soon. Mands

  2. I am totally bemused as to why it has taken from 07 to 2010 to start talking of an alternative solution to the ferry to Cyprus problem, I am currently organising to drive to Turkey from UK and crossing into the Northern Occupied state from Turkey, will I encounter any problems coming from the north and crossing into the south via Nicosia by car.


    Philip Cowan

  3. I still don’t think we’re any closer to the Cyprus – Greece ferry service coming back into action.
    It’s absolute madness that we live on an island in the middle of the Eastern Med within a hub of highly used destinations and yet the only way off the island is by plane or on a short mini-cruise.
    Not only that – you can’t jump ship from as you only get your hands back on your passport when the ship returns to Cyprus.
    If you hear anything further – please give me shout!

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