Tree supports

July 7, 2010

Tree support

We were out and about on yet more village wanderings and came across a gorgeous old tree in a churchyard.  Despite the unforgiving summer heat the area under the tree was blissfully cool and shady and, unlike the rest of the area, had a gentle cooling breeze.

The tree is clearly old and has grown in an inconvenient direction: the low stone wall on the left of the photo marks the boundary of the church land, beyond it is a steep drop.  Rather than cut the tree back it has been allowed to grow at will but essential support has been provide courtesy of a low pillar of Lefkara stone.

This stone, which is found only in a few square miles around the Lefkara villages, is a particularly hard type of limestone.  Our builders needed to use a diamond drill bit to get through some at the house.  In this case it gives a support strong enough to allow the tree to continue flourishing.


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