Heat wave

August 2, 2010

We’ve been having a small heat wave here in Cyprus.  July and August are always the hottest of months but this has been exceptional weather, so much so that the Meteorological Service were forced to issue a severe weather warning.  At one point humidity was predicted to reach 98%.

Here, up in the hills, the temperatures are usually a little cooler and the air a little fresher.  Still we were forced to reach for the camera to document our highest ever temperature.  The upper section shows the outside temperature in full shade, the lower section shows the temperature inside the house.  Thank goodness for half meter thick walls!

Internal & external temperatures

Our neighbours have dealt with the problem in true pragmatic Cypriot style.  Note the positioning of the truck below the only shade and the decision to leave the doors open to keep the car cool!

Temperature management

The weather is due to change today, which will be very welcome, but as of 9am the thermometer in the study was showing 33.5C.  No respite just yet then.


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