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Cyprus petrol strike over

February 25, 2010

As of 2pm, Cyprus time, the strike is over.

The Cyprus Weekly said:

After an appeal from Deputies at an extraordinary House Commerce Committee meeting this morning, petrol station owners, petrol companies and the Commerce Minister got together to thrash out a solution.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the President of the Cyprus Petrol Station Owners Association, Stephanos Stephanou, said that that the owners had realised the inconvenience to the public and decided to end their strike action.

Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides thanked the petrol station owners and the petrol companies praising a responsible attitude on the part of petrol station owners.

The House Plenum later on Thursday was expected to discuss as a matter of importance a proposal by Edek, allowing the Minister to issue a degree capping the wholesale price of petrol.

People near petrol stations are reporting that they are now open for business and are seeing brisk trade.

So, is this over for good or is there more to come?  If a deal has been done between the petrol stations and the government then both sides are keeping quiet for now.


Paphos, Cyprus, runs out of petrol

February 25, 2010

The Cyprus petrol station strike continues.

Paphos now has no petrol, according to the the Cyprus Mail.

PAPHOS residents have become the unwitting pawns in the ongoing face-off between the Commerce Minister and petrol station owners, who have shut up shop over a freeze in petrol prices.

Many motorists are down to the last drops of fuel in their tanks, with no way of filling up.

Not a single petrol station was open in the coastal town yesterday, with locals resorting to carpooling and skipping work altogether, rather than run the risk of running out of petrol.

The town seems to be forgotten, with at least two stations open in the rest of the island’s major towns.

A police spokeswoman told the Cyprus Mail, “It’s a real problem for us – we have so many people calling us and shouting that they have no petrol, but it’s not our fault.

Neither side, the petrol station chains nor the government, show any signs of backing down yet.

The umbrella organisation for the petrol stations is now demanding that the oil companies compensate them for losses incurred during the strike.

President of POVEK’s petrol station operators’ section, Stefanos Stefanou, said his members’ main demand now is that the estimated €150,000-200,000 cost of the price-cap for the eight days covered by the order should be borne by the oil companies, whose wholesale prices to the station operators are determining the price at the pump.

Cyprus Weekly reports that government officials are meeting this morning to discuss the situation.

NICOSIA – The House Commerce committee is this morning discussing the island-wide petrol station strike.

The strike has created chaos and inconvenienced motorists, since Tuesday, following a decree by Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides imposing a ceiling on pump prices.

A bill by Edek that would allow the Minister to issue a decree for a ceiling on wholesale prices by petrol companies will be tabled at the House.


Petrol station strike – update

February 24, 2010

Update as at Wednesday evening.

The strike has taken firm hold.  Yesterday government officials calculated that around 20% of petrol stations were still open; today there appear to be less than a handful.

There are active discussions on some of the Cyprus forums regarding which are open and have stocks.  For anyone on the island needing petrol this might be of use as the situation is changing by the hour.

The discussion on the Eastern Cyprus forum can be found here, and here on Cyprus Living.

The Cyprus Mail quote the Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides:

Paschalides said that the government had “fulfilled its duty to the consumer” by issuing its order on Monday to cap fuel prices at 95 cents a litre for 95-octane petrol, 97 cents per litre for 98-octane petrol, and 87.5 cents per litre for low-sulphur diesel.

As consumers who are stranded in a village with no shops we’re not entirely sure how we feel about the Commerce Minister’s support at this time;-)


Cyprus petrol stations on strike

February 23, 2010

Well, that seemed to come out of nowhere!  Late Monday, having been out for most of the afternoon, we started to hear rumours that the petrol stations were planning to go on strike.

The story was quickly confirmed, with an expectation that the strike would start early Tuesday or late Monday, depending on the garage or chain.  Having already had dinner and a glass of wine when we first heard the news it was too late to head out that night to find petrol.  This morning, as rumoured,  nearly all the petrol stations on the island have closed.

It is approximately a 50 mile round trip to either Larnaca or Limassol from where we are.  Last night we calculated we had under half a tank of petrol left, perhaps enough for 125 miles or so.  So, two round trips into town, where no more petrol can be bought.  With unfortunate timing we had to make one of those two trips today for a pre-arranged meeting in Larnaca.

The background to the strike is this: apparently the government has decided that petrol prices are too high.  To resolve this they intend to impose a maximum price on petrol for 8 days.  So, for duration of the price cap the petrol stations say they will remain closed.  There’s a definite logic there, but who will blink first?

Possibly this will all be over tomorrow; it is entirely likely that the government will backtrack and renounce their proposed maximum rather than deal with an entire population which relies on its cars.

If not we’ll be housebound for a while; with enough petrol to make just one round trip we can’t risk any long drives until we know that the petrol stations are back to normal once more.

Happily we have a freezer full of food and a good supply of logs :-)