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This blog is the work of Dan Rhoads, an American molecular biologist who has moved to the Republic of Cyprus and now works in the biotech sector. As a longtime birdwatcher, Dan is an ardent supporter of the work of BirdLife Cyprus, and this blog now focuses mostly on topics relating to the nature of Cyprus.

This is Cyprus

Written by Sue, one half of an English couple living in Larnaca.

Letter From Larnaca

A light-hearted look at Cyprus life, delivered once a week, by another Brit. As well as the blog he also keeps a journal, on the same site, which is updated more often.


Written by a Greek Cypriot covering politics and occasionally current events. The focus is often the ongoing issue of the Cyprus problem, with a bias to the Greek perspective.

The Cyprus Blog

A blog by an Indian software engineer currently working in Cyprus.

The Homeschool Blog

Written by one half of a German/American couple in Cyprus.  As well as the challenges of homeschooling their children the blog also covers some of the familiar battles with Cypriot bureaucracy.

The Little White Donkey

Written by a non-Cypriot female married to a Greek Cypriot.  The blog details life with their extended, multi-generational, family as well as the work involved producing their own olive oil and similar.

A New Life in Cyprus

Chronically Rob & Mandy’s transition from the UK to their new life in Pissouri.

Cyprus Expat Blogs

Assorted blogs written by expats living in Cyprus

The Blog Directory

Blogs relating to life across Europe



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  2. Chronically Rob & Mandy’s transition from the UK to their new life in Pissouri.

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