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In mid-2006 Ian & Mandy quit the corporate life and moved to Cyprus to enjoy a slower and sunnier life. The move was prompted by some long hard thinking about what they wanted out of life and a few dodgy vertebrae in Ian’s lower back.

Having made the decision to leave the UK they quit their jobs, sold their apartment (well put it on the market at least) and threw a couple of suitcases into the back of the car. Obviously, if you’re relocating to sunny Cyprus from London you drive there, don’t you?

This blog covers some of that trip and the adventures and challenges since they arrived including …

  • accidentally booking into a German Sanatorium on the trip down
  • having their brand new car impounded by Customs the moment they arrived on the island
  • their continuing efforts not to get lost in their own village

Now, three years on, the blog highlights some of the challenges, surprises and general quirks of living in Cyprus. For the last year they have been occupied with renovating a 200 year old stone cottage up in hills … oh, and getting married.

In between all of those things they occasionally wander around the countryside and take photos of fruit ;-)

Mandarins growing in Tochni in November 2006.

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