Op Keo

December 21, 2006

Back in 2005 we began to think seriously about our current lifestyle. We both had demanding jobs, one Docklands and one City. In 2004 Ian’s ongoing back issues culminated in a diagnosis of two ruptured discs in his spine and three months off work. Whilst he recovered enough to return to work it became clear that a routine of leaving the house at 7am and not returning ’til 8pm, coupled with extensive international travel, was not ideal.

Round about the same time we were starting to spend more time in Cyprus and began to realise that quitting work and moving out there might be a possibility. Admittedly our income would drop by about 90% ………

So, Operation Keo was born. Named after the local gin it seemed like a good omen. The master plan was to sell the London place, leave work and head to a sunnier climate. One evening we talked about driving rather than flying, giving us a chance to see “those bits of Europe” that we’d never had a chance to visit. The conversation developed with us both taking turns to put, virtual, pins in a map and then plan a route from there.

As Mandy had no intention of sleeping in a tent some fairly detailed route planning was needed.

The first draft of the places to see list included;

* WWI battlefields
* Mosel valley
* Rhine valley
* Rhine Falls
* German fairytale castles
* Italian lakes
* Venice



  1. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

  2. […] to drive rather than fly to our new life feel free to jump right back to the start of the blog here.  Anyone wanting to see more information on the trip will find the “Op Keo” category […]

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