Electricity angst

January 7, 2010

The man from the electricity board came; the man from the electricity board went again. Apparently the meetings have been scheduled in the wrong order in that the switching of the electricity meter should take place before the inspection of the new electrics.

Yes, these meetings were arranged by the electricity board. Make of that what you will.  Oh, and despite appearing to achieve the sum total of nothing the man was with us until about 11am.

So, tomorrow a different electrical engineer will visit and disconnect the current meter, leaving us without power. Our electrician can then connect the new meter. If the Gods are willing the engineer will then return and reconnect the supply.

Then today’s engineer can return and carry out his inspection.

Now, tomorrow is Friday. And this is a holiday week. And, in these parts, folks like to knock off early for the weekend. If tomorrow’s disconnect/reconnect man decides it’s all taking too long then will he hold off on coming back until Monday? If so we’ll be sitting in the dark all weekend wondering how best to use the BBQ to cook the contents of two freezers to prevent the food spoiling!

The next installment tomorrow – if we have power that is ;-)


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