January 18, 2010

It seems the forecast was spot on; it is raining as if it’ll never stop.

Below is the US Airforce’s European chart for today.  The online version can be found by going to http://euro.wx.propilots.net/ and selecting USAF -> Surface Analysis from the drop down box in the top left corner.

The L, signifying a low pressure system, in the bottom right hand corner is pretty much right on top of us.  The mass of orange to the south east of us are lightening strikes.  Lots of them.  To add to the interest the weather system is coming to us from Egypt which means that the rain will be, at best, dirty or more likely sand-laden.

US Airforce Euro weather chart 18 Jan 2010

In the village of Mosfiloti, a few miles away from us, there is a guy who maintains his own weather station and shares the data online.  Mosfiloti seems to have its own microclimate so we don’t always see the same weather as them, despite being so near, but the forecasts are a useful indicator of what weather we might get in our little microclimate.  At just after 3pm Cyprus time his site is reporting light rain and an inch of rainfall so far today.

Here it hasn’t stopped raining since 10am and, at times, it has been exceptionally heavy.  Ian braved the elements once or twice to try and get photos that might give a sense of the storm but to no joy.  Fog and mist don’t photography so well and even suppressing the flash doesn’t really give a good indication of the gloom.

The best we can do is show the poor swimming yuccas.  They made their first blog appearance back in December when they were removed from the main tree and potted up.

The red container that they are in is about 6 or 7 inches deep; this morning it was empty.

Swimming yuccas


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